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Our Values

Beyond Basics

Research Excellence

Ever Engaging

Novel Approaches

Talent Nurturing

About Us

Taking research in Africa to greater heights.

Research PLUS Africa is a specialised research organisation working in Africa. We are driven by our focus and commitment to the research industry as we seek to take research in Africa to greater heights. Our values are: Beyond Basics, Research Excellence, Ever Engaging, Novel Approaches, and Talent Nurturing.

Our Services

Collecting, entering, and analyzing your research data.                                                             

Empowering you to identify and conduct relevant research, and take actionable insights.

Recruiting, training, and nurturing research talent for your projects.                                

Providing quality assurance and quality control for your research projects.

Our Team

The heart of our company is our people; a team of seasoned researchers who are passionate about and committed to expanding the knowledge economy and contributing to socio-economic development through well designed and executed research. 

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Once every month we host the Research Round-Up Forum at the Marist Research Center. We bring together industry and academia to carry on critical discussions and debates on any given topic that has socio-economic or development implications but through the research lens. You will find that it’s undoubtedly an intense and worthwhile way to spend 3 hours in a month. Sign up now!


Address: the Research PLUS hub, May East Road, Hardy, Karen

Phone: +254 746 152 567