About Us

Research PLUS Africa is a specialised full service research agency working in Africa. We are driven by our focus and commitment to the research industry as we seek to take research in Africa to greater heights. Our values are: Beyond Basics, Research Excellence, Ever Engaging, Novel Approaches, and Talent Nurturing.

Our Solutions and Services are categorised in four broad areas that sufficiently cater for various research approaches and methods around Market Research, Social Research, User Experience, Usability and User Testing Studies for R&D. We tailor our services to unique needs of our customers and constantly design and develop solutions that fill critical gaps in the research industry. Read more about our services here.

Our Core Team members and technical experts all have a strong technical research background with many years of research experience for various sectors in Africa coupled with sound and relevant academic and professional qualifications. Get acquainted with our team here.

We work throughout Africa directly through our local field teams and coordinators and are headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya at the Marist Research Center. We have regional office representation in Nigeria (West and Central Africa Region), South Africa (Southern Africa Region), Morocco (North Africa Region), and Kenya (East Africa Region).