Moderating is one of the things in research (amongst many) that I enjoy immensely. Here I am in the heart of Kibera, an informal settlement in Nairobi Kenya, carrying out an interview about oral hygiene.

Hello! My name is Mokeira Masita and I am the CEO of Research PLUS Africa. I am an accomplished researcher with extensive experience in the design and implementation of research and development initiatives for community development, market and social research projects. I have provided project management and technical assistance to a wide range of local and international organizations, and worked extensively in Sub-Saharan Africa. I have led and directed hundreds of empirical research interviews, discussions, observations, analyses, and co-creation activities for community interventions and solutions in my capacity as a senior research consultant since the year 2003. In this time I have also contributed significantly to mentoring and nurturing young research talent. Prior to Research PLUS I had the privilege to work for three leading research agencies and research-centric organizations providing research & development expertise to a wide range of governmental, non-governmental, donor and private sector programs and businesses, alongside regular technical advisory inputs. I am passionate about the potential and impact of well-designed and executed research for development initiatives in Africa. Taking on increasing levels of seniority and portfolio responsibility in my roles, I have established a reputation as a skilled researcher, an excellent communicator, and an experienced community solutions developer and founded Research PLUS Africa in May 2013. I hold a Masters in Educational and Social Research from the University of London and a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Major) from Catholic University of Eastern Africa.