Our Organisation

Research PLUS Africa is a specialised full-service research organisation working in Africa. We are driven by our focus and commitment to the research industry as we seek to take research in Africa to greater heights.

Our Vision

Taking research in Africa to greater heights.

Our Values

Beyond Basics, Research Excellence, Ever Engaging, Novel Approaches, Talent Nurturing.

Our Brand Promise

  • Going the extra mile.
  • Quality is our forte.

Our History

2008 - 2013

In 2008, the vision to set up ‘something’ research-related for Africa is born in Mokeira Masita’s heart and mind; she fondly refers to it as ‘Vision 2012’. This is

2013 - 2016

Operating with very lean resources but needing to put forward a very professional outlook, Research PLUS sets up a virtual office at the ESBC Wilson Business Park

2017 - 2018

In 2016 Mokeira tables a proposal on setting up a research center within a local university. This research center would help drive the vision of the company in many ways

2018 - 2021

The period between 2018 and 2021 embodies a spurt of growth for the company what with the various activities at the Research Center that bring the PLUS and the vision as a

2022 - 2023

In January 2022, Research PLUS moves into the Research hub at the May East Road in Karen; a world class hub that is set to become the next big thing

2024 Onwards

Our Work

“We continue to traverse Africa with bags full of curiosity, assumptions, estimations, and suppositions which we dish out to those we encounter. No sooner have we emptied our bags than are they packed to capacity with people’s experiences, opinions, dreams, aspirations, needs, hopes, fears, attitudes, challenges and so much more,” Mokeira Masita.

Second chances


Sister sister!


Hustling it out

Black don’t crack

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Our Stories

At Research PLUS we have a learning culture that manifests in different ways including penning our thoughts and reflections every so often. As thought leaders in our field we feel compelled to share our wisdom and experiences with the world, and in so doing provide the much-needed authentic guidance and insights into the African research landscape. We hope our stories inspire you, positively provoke you, and keep you coming back for more.

Never has the research industry in Africa experienced such an intense shift in operations. One...

More and more, the importance of finding homegrown solutions to the socio-economic and developmental challenges...

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Our Clients and Partners

Research is at the core of creativity and innovation, and evidence and decision-making. We are honoured and privileged to be making this critical contribution to the work of our clients across many different sectors.

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In true Research PLUS fashion, we are Ever Engaging. We would love to hear from you!